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    Hey, I'm new to this forum and I'd like to share with you guys my newest film, it's a web series about the escapades of two hit-men (Max & Bernie) who lets put it kindly are rubbish at their job, they often kill the wrong person, get beat up, but they always come out on top.

    I'm a student film maker from liverpool and I would appreciate it a lot if you could check out my films and tell me what I need to do to improve them and tell me what you think of them in general. They are no budget and shot on DSLR's and using a zoom h1 for audio. People have seemed to like our films so far but I would like to get some professional opinions. Please take the time to watch them.

    The Contractors - Pilot - YouTube - Pilot.

    The Contractors - This isn't the matrix - YouTube - Ep 2

    The Contractors - Episode Three - YouTube - Ep 3

    Please take a moment to watch them, they are funny and it would help me get some exposure for my work. Thanks.

    If you do enjoy them, we have a facebook page you could check out with photo's and all kinds of funny stuff @

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    Nice work fellas.

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    Thanks man... any suggestions for future episodes and getting some promotion.

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    Simple tip 1. Get a wind gag - wind noise in external scenes is very noticable.

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    the writing and the storys are really good, but I'm not convinced by the actors I'm afraid. too young and clean shaven, I'm guessing your working with other students all around the same age. If you go on to do another, try and raise some funds and spend it on actors the rest (other than sound - tims mentioned) is pretty much there

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    Pretty terrible 5 minutes watching the first one, (I commit myself to watching the whole of a production), so therefore didn't want to commit to the other episodes.

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