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    Default Grainy? video using xl1s...

    Ok so I have been noticing that my dv footage is a little grainy... I have done tests and tests over and over again to see if its my lighting or my settings on my xl1s. And well, it doesn't seem. I mean, I've tried outside light and indoor light and even some backlit shots and well, it still see little grains within the images on my computer screen and on my tv when rendered out and thrown on dvd. I have my gain setting to 0 and am always in manual mode shooting 1/60 for shutter speed. My f stop changes of course depending on lighting and I do use the onboard ND filter when needed.

    So is there something im not doing that could change this problem. I would like to have very clear video shots, nice and crisp. I am however one of the many in search of the "film look". However I would like to start with clear video. Then maybe color correct and add all that other stuff.

    So my goal is to obvioiusly get clear and crisp footage from the getgo, can anybody help?

    Im going mad?!?!


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    You shouldn't have a problem with 'grain' shooting 0db gain with the XL1s. So likely to be a problem with the camera. Perhaps test out with the same editing and rendering with someone elses captured footage and if no grain you'll know it's your camera

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