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Thread: AVANT HYPE!- This is a comedy!

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    Default AVANT HYPE!- This is a comedy!


    Check out this comedy!

    All I can tell you is that it is called AVANT HYPE!

    AVANT HYPE - YouTube

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    Not bad effort lads. If I was you I'd just knock down the iris a tade as the lighting is a little stark.

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    Nice Job Good material, nicely observed. Well delivered - dead straight - as it should be.
    Looking o improve it: I thought it lost its way a bit.
    It began as a very nicely observed take on some teen documentary styles. I loved the shot of the batery being knocked off the surface. As we got into the story, though, this seemed to fall by the wayside to a large extent, which i think wa a shame. More pointless cutaways and B&W and dutch tilt shots of the artists could have been used. In addition the joke began to wear a bit thin. I think if you shrunk it by 20%-30%, you'd keep the material more intense. Sort the colour and lghting issues identified by Midnight and you'd have a really good skit.

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