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Thread: New Dell XPS 8500 for HD video editing?

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    Default New Dell XPS 8500 for HD video editing?

    Good afternoon all
    This is my first post so please be kind.

    I have both a laptop and a desk top that have seen better days in the speed stakes, my plan is to update to a new desktop as I've been getting more into video of late as i also have a Gopro HD, i mostly use my computers for photography so my new machine will be used for that mostly.
    My plan is to upgrade from my current Canon 1D Mk III to a Mk IV in the long run as that also has full HD video capability's.

    I currently have Pinnacle Studio 14 Ultimate for video editing and Adobe CS5 for photography, I plan to upgrade to Abobe Premiere for video editing once I have a better faster machine.

    With the above in mind I've been looking at the following which comes in around 1150 with the 23" monitor. (The Dell Online Store: Build Your System ) comments on this machine for HD video editing is what I'm looking for as i know its very capable for my other uses.

    Thanks in advance Ady

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    Hello Adrian and welcome aboard.

    I have just had a quick look, if you click on show details, this one is showing as no longer available. However you have made I think an excellent choice in Dell. I will be going for one of their workstations as soon as my budget allows. With your budget you should get one more than capable as HD is very processor and memory hungry. The great thing with Dell tell them what you want to do with it and they will build it to spec with the latest electronics. I have always had Dell since upgrading from Olivette and Windows 3.1. So yes I would say go for it.

    I see you are using Pinnacle studio. I use version 12. How are you getting on with it? Cant say I have had any major problems but it seems others have. Though my current computer cant handle the HD part of the progamme I know I need to upgrade.

    Anyway there is an abundance of help around this friendly forum see what others have to say. All you need to do is ask.

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    You'll get a different answer depending on who you ask. Some will no doubt demand you steer clear of dell without looking at the specs, others will tell you to spend a lit more. Me, I say pretty much any desktop config at that price will give you creative freedom.

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    Thanks for warm welcome and prompt replies, I've always had Dells so have no problem with that side of things just want to make sure I have a good spec machine to handle HD video.
    Nothing worse than not being able to edit what you have because the computer isn't up to the job.

    I'm a long time user of the Pinnacle studio products ( I've had 3 versions now) and they have been very good over the years, the problem i have is my laptop isn't up to the editing job, it works but is painfully slow as its only 1.7 with 2gb of ram running Vista, even small clips take an age to edit, a 20min video render is an overnight job!

    Cheers Ady

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    Quote .Nothing worse than not being able to edit what you have because the computer isn't up to the job.

    Yep I couldn't agree more.

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