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Thread: Which Canon camcorder?

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    Default Which Canon camcorder?

    I've just posted a few questions over in the Mac section with regards my system setup (Macbook Pro, 2.6Ghz, Dual Intel core, 4GB memory, Adobe CS3 - Premier Pro) and wanted to make sure that the camera I'd narrowed it down to was the right choice.

    I was looking at the Canon HF-S200 but I'd read some post from 2009 (nothing seems to be recent) saying that the file format that that's saved is a pain to run on a machine that not a quad core and with the older version of CS3.

    Is this still the case?

    If I go for the HF-S200 am I then going to have to upgrade my machine and software?

    Around the same time people were saying to go for the Canon HV-30 as it runs on tape which the slower machines can handle.

    Is this a better option.

    Both cameras seem to be around the same price.

    Any ideas?

    I have a Canon XL-1s that was bought just before HD and it can't have done more than 10 hours recording. Seems a shame to have it sat there but a 4000 camera seems only to be worth 400 today, so I might as well keep it.

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