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Thread: Detroit climax

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    Default Detroit climax

    this is a video i made in premier pro

    still learning

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    I don't understand what this is. If it is a music video, I can' t hear enough of the music. If it's a documentary/promo/statement, I can't hear enough of the speakers to understand what they're saying. Sorry.

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    Shorten the length of the logo, lower the music in the mix and carfully re-mix the ambient audio. Fade the music at end.

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    I agree with the above comments ..... I too found it a bit confusing and some of the footage was a bit jerky and looked out of focus a bit in parts (speech part) .
    Definitely agree with shortening the logo.

    I really liked some of the footage/editing like for example the girl running/walking with up turned sofa on road next to her.

    Interested to see your improved version if you agree with the above comments that is???

    Regardless good job for getting something done

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