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Thread: Tomorrow im shooting my first commercial! Actors: 1 dwarf, 1 monkey and 1 Big guy

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    Default Tomorrow im shooting my first commercial! Actors: 1 dwarf, 1 monkey and 1 Big guy

    Tomorrow I'm shooting an advert for a health food restaurant! I won't even say what im going to do with a dwarf a monkey and a big muscle guy but it should be fun!!! It's my first time attempting to direct people and have come up with a story so it should be fun. The dwarf has actually been in a few big films, narnia, inspector gadget to name a few from his imdb profile!

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    Sounds intriguing, have fun.

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    I can't see the dwarf and the muscle guy taking much notice of direction . . .
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    Well it's pretty simple really. long story short, dwarf walks in the restaurant, guy trips him and laughs, monkey tells him to harden the f*** up, dwarf orders a kombat breakfast (name of restaurant is kombat) drinks the Harden the F**** up shake, hulks out, runs and drop kicks the big dude, waterboy mum style! Cue catchy slogan, the end.

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    forgot to add after he orders the point of the commercial, you goto lots of closups of the delicious food getting made

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    Sounds funny as hell please post it on here if you can.

    Make sure the Muscle guy is well fed during filming or he might eat the monkey or worse still the dwarf.

    Please please post this video Pritch

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    look forward to seeing this

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    Replace the monkey with Jason Statham...If budget permits of course

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