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Thread: My Bloody Useless animation!

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    Default My Bloody Useless animation!

    Weve been watching the amazing claymation of Lee Hardcastle and it gave me the idea to have a go today with the kids.
    Never attempted anything like this before so if its rough youll know why.
    If you havent seen any of Lees stuff I suggest you check him out on youtube, altho be warned most of his stuff isnt for nervous children.

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    Well done for having a go at this. As someone who has just tried animation for the first time, I of course, now consider my self as an animation expert.

    For me the titles were a bit quick. You seemed to move the cmera during the shots which didn't look right, was this intentional ?

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    Good on you for having a go!!!!!!!!
    Liked the characters especially blue guy and funny to watch ......liked music too.

    The footage was quite jerky?????

    Always knew you couldn't trust penguins

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    I enjoyed it. I have no skills with cameras, but I wondered whether the objects could have been sharper; the depth of field sometimes did not cover the whole character. In displaying my ignorance, could this have been fixed by adding more light; or perhaps using longer shutter speeds? I look forward to seeing the next version. I found it interesting to see the effect of the low framerate whilst the camera was 'moving'; which probably accounts for the jerking which Slimbob mentions.

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    Bloody Good job for a first go. With your choice of fonts used gave that early 1900's theme. Don't leave it at that lets see some more.
    I am working with Animation Pro on my Titanic project. Drew the iceberg last night and left it in fridge over night.

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    Thanks for taking the time to watch it folks. I would like to do something again like this, but its incredibly time consuming and tedious tbh. Hats off to the animators on youtube as some stuff on there must take ages. The jerkiness wasnt intentional but I didnt think about it just sort of got into it without working it out properly.

    Im too busy trying to work out this short horror Ive had 'coming soon' for quite a while too.

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    Very entertaining, I wanted more...!

    - - -- perhaps you could hint at the camera and software you used?
    (looks to me to pretty close-up, hence limited DoF)... any more light might melty, unless using flash, but then shadows are somewhat unpredictable...)
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    I used a canon 550d with the kit lens and a 50mm f1.8 lens. The lighting was achieved by just turning on the main living room light!

    I used windows movie maker as I still havent learned to use vegas pro, much to my frustration.

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