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Thread: Capturing video from NVGS400 to new laptop P750

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    Default You can use USB

    Quote Originally Posted by Madame Foo View Post
    thanks for the quick replies. I love my NVGS400 too. I don't understand though why it was supplied with a usb cable, surely Panasonic must have expected it to work, as indeed it did with my old laptop. I have a huge problem now because I've spent a lot of money on the new laptop which I wanted specifically to use for video editing. I rang Toshiba before making the purchase because I couldn't decide between 2 models and they recommended the P750. No mention was made of a Firewire and as I've never used one, didn't give it a thought.

    I have since rung the Toshiba technical helpline, he said use my usb cable but this doesn't work!! He said that Firewire is old technology and therefore not included on their laptops. I see however that Sony Vegas lists Firewire as a requirement.

    This is driving me nuts! Apart from the suggestion of using a PC, is there any way in which I can get my video onto the laptop to edit?

    many thanks
    Hi, I also have the NVGS400 and use the USB all the time to capture video in movie maker. You don't need to use firewire. I think you have to install the driver for the USB from the cd which came with the camera or you can download it from Panasonic website. If you have problems drop me a line and will dig up the details for you.

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    Reading the above posts, I assume the camera's USB interface (and the appropriate drivers) can either be used as either a storage device (thus appearing as an external 'Drive') or as a camera (thus enabling some video editing software to steam the files from the camera to the PC). If so, then does the steaming occur in real time? Or is there a delay; or perhaps a reduced framerate or picture quality?
    I also wonder whether Firewire has become less popular, given the faster speeds now available using USB3?

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    If I remember rightly the GS200 is the same as the 400. The USB connection is like Tim says this can be used to take stills from the memory card. I think it also acts like a web cam through the USB. I've never heard of the USB being able to take video from the tape. Even with the Panasonic software.

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    Default Using USB port to import recorded video on Panasonic NV-GS400 video camera

    The USB port on the Panasonic NV-GS400 video camera can be used as a Web Camera or for transfering the content of the tape to the PC. Here are the steps for transfering the video content on the tape to the PC (Note: The steps below are for Windows 7, I am not sure if these will work for other versions of Microsoft Windows) :-

    1) On the camera set the mode dial to Play (green play)

    2) Insert tape to be copied to PC in the camera and rewind the tape

    3) Go into camera Menu options and set USB function to Motion DV (i.e Select PLAYBACK>>USB FUNCTION>>MOTION DV)

    4) Connect USB (mini USB) cable to the camera and USB port on PC.

    5) If it's the first time the camera is connected to the PC via the USB, Windows will download and install the correct camera driver software. This takes a few minutes.

    6) Once step 5 is complete. Load Microsoft Movie Maker (I used version 2012). If you don't already have it on your PC download it from Microsoft, its free. Also it's not a bad video editing tool.

    7) From within Movie Maker go into File options (press Alt-F) and select option "Import from Device". In the window which comes up it will show device called "Video Edit". Select this and click on the Import button. If at this point you get the message "The video device is currently in use...". Switch camera off and disconnect the USB cable from the camera and reconnect the USB cable and switch camera on and try again. For some reason it does this on my PC, sometimes i have to do this couple of times. Eventually you will get a window to enter a filename to store the imported video in and option to import all or part of the video. Click Next button and import process will commence.

    Note: Make sure the Directory/Folder you store the imported video in has sufficient space. A 60 minute video tape requires about 13Gb.

    Thats it...Enjoy and capture those magic moments to your PC.

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    I can't be 100% certain it was Panasonic, but I think it was and I seem to recall that it wasn't just their driver that was necessary for DV capture over USB. Didn't they also have some capture software that recognised, then went back and picked up, any skipped frames. Maybe they improved the workings at some point so as WMM could also do that using their driver but it cold be worth a look into.


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    Hello Madame Foo and anyone else who may be able to help me!!
    I am trying to do the exact same thing (apart from my computer is HP Pavillion), and was just wondering how you actually managed it!!!??
    All I am aiming to do is use my Panasonic NV GS400 as an 'eye' for stop motion animation. If I can get my computer to recognise the camera as a webcam, this should work. I don't seem to have any of my original disks or drivers which came with the camera, and am baffled about what I do need to install.
    At the moment when I plug the camera into the computer it makes an encouraging 'ding' to say I have plugged something in, but if I look at 'My Computer' nothing has registered. HELP!!!! (I am using Windows 8...)
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