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    Hi there guys!

    Here's a new video summary of an event which took place in Oporto.

    We were invited the day before shooting and that alone made things harder (we could have used other equipment, such as the slider). However, we hope you enjoy.


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    I thought the camera work was ok ie you seem to "get all the shot" but it seemed to lack something. I think it's the sound, you might be better having some ambient sounds in the mix. Also I think the music track wasn't right for this piece mostly because it's so good and it distracts from the visuals.

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    I think Midnight's hit the nail on the head. Any atmosphere that was originally present has been sucked out - it's like the whole thing has been sanitized. This is a shame as I like the shots and the pace of the editing. I'd love to see it with a different soundtrack.

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    Thank you both for the comments. Well, I have to agree with you. The music does distract, but the company who asked us to do the video told us to specifically use this track, since they're trying to relate it to their own brand. However, it never occurred to me to keep the ambient sounds in the mix, which would probably be a good ideia, so thanks for the suggestion!

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