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    Totally new to video editing.

    I have some footage that I need to create a ruff cut from. It has been provided to me in the AVCCAM format.

    I've been looking through some of the files and some are just complete junk, some of the footage is worthy of consideration and some is what I will probably use.

    The files are just named sequentially 001, 002 etc. I'm planning on using Final Cut Pro X.

    My day job is a web designer and when I'm dealing with photography I would just organise and rename my images using the computers filing system in my case the Mac OS finder.

    How would you recommend that I do this for this video footage? Whats best practise? Obviously I won't delete anything and I will work from a copy of the originals.

    Should I bring everything wholesale into Final Cut and then name, add meta data, delete and rate or should I name in the finder first and delete any none starters from there first and then bring into Final Cut.

    Any help / tips will be greatly appreciated.

    If you could also perhaps let me know how you guys go about organising your footage. I was planning on using A and B roll and then just describing the clip.

    Thanks Ricky

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    I copy the Original Files on a external hard-disc, use the original on the mac and load everything even the footage that seems to be useless in Final-cut-pro x
    the question is what you about to do with your footage, what and for what its use for (short movie, documentation, making-of,.........)
    and never delete any part of your footage u never know for what u will need it again unless you are totally finished your project for 100%

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    Thanks man.

    Do you get Final Cut to copy your media to the Events folder?

    Also do you check the "Create Optimised" Media Check Box?

    I heard somewhere that doing this can improve performance, is this the case? also would it lower the quality?

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