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Thread: Vegas won't display downloaded fonts.

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    Default Vegas won't display downloaded fonts.

    Hi, guys. YOu were so helpful last time I htought I'd ask another question...

    I have downloaded some fonts in an attempt to get a moreimpressive text display in my video. However, Vegas will not display the downloaded fonts. Or, more precisely, it displays them as if they were just a regular font rather than the stylized font I've downloaded. I haven't exported the video but on the preview screen it just looks like regular font.

    Is there something I need to do special to get vegas to properly display my downloaded fonts?


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    I pressume you've installe dthe fonts.
    Are they true-type or open type fonts. I think some of the Vegas titling tools (there seem to be so many these days) only work with some of them.

    What is the font? Can you post a link to where we can download one and try it ourselves?

    What titler tool are you using in Vegas?

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    Fonts are a weakness in Vegas Studio IMHO, not helped by Windows providing nearly an identikit dozen of each of the more-common. And about time MS stopped Underlining cutting through the decenders, look so poor.

    Indeed I'm surprised that Sony doesn't do a deal with some Designers so we can have movie-like fonts. This would be an improvement over the 400 tunes they boast that are frequently only shorter versions of the same tune.

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    Hi, thanks for the replies. I may have further questions down the line, but I figured out the answer to my problem.

    I installed the fonts while Vegas was running. So while they showed up in the drop down, the program wasn't recognizing them. A quick relaunch fixed it. Thanks, guys!

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    Windows XP loads fonts when it powers ups, which is why it can take ages to load because of that

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