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    Default The Note

    I have always said "I don't animations" here is an example of why I don't do animations. I can't draw, I can't be bothered to do enough drawings to make the movement smooth, It's just soooooo much easier to do it with a camera.
    Here is the world premier of my animation failure. Please feel free to have a laugh at my expense.

    Ladies and Gentleman I give you "The Note" new improved version.

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    First i want to sya im not really a fan of animation (Pink Panther Show excluded) so i started watching this and i really wanted to like it because you've obviously put a lot of time and effort into it. i liked the music but im afraid the story didnt float my boat. sorry i cant be more constructive.

    BTW, i was going to show the Mrs your Lindisfarne film but it seems to have disappeared from your youtube channel

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    Your short video was very curious and it held my attention to the end and I thought the very simplistic approach worked well.
    white on black was different and definitely worked better than the more traditional black on white I think.
    I thought the long drawn out walking bits were a bit too long to be honest but the original look of the video and great music did build curiosity very well.
    I loved the music actually and I loved the male/female walk/shoes.
    I thought the face (really liked that) at end and the yes animation with only spoken words in video was really good and the out of focus embrace worked well too.

    To be honest I was expecting a twist in the end like a kick in the privates or no ..... so the ending actually surprised me believe it or not !

    I think it could be tweaked but don't know how ????
    All I know is it was original different and engaging.
    The look was good but again I think it could be shortened (walk bits) or expanded (more to the story)....or would that ruin its simplicity????

    I know you aren't to happy with it from your intro post (ie) (animation failure) but I actually liked this MB and am being honest here not brown nosing I think it is the look and its simplicity in look and story line (ie) strangely hypnotic.

    Plus not all animation has to look like Disney (ie) south park /simpsons etc

    However I am sure it can be improved but don't know what to suggest ????

    Loved the face /yes & embrace

    P.s - hey Enc I loved "Lindisfarne" too .....brilliant

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    Firstly it's called I called it Holy Island so that's may be why you couldn't find it but there is the link if you want it.

    I regard animation as my nemesis. I just don't have the patience to do it. So that's why I did it. I had a free day so gave it a go. It is a fail I know, I like to post my good stuff and my bad stuff so people can get their revenge on me.

    Well Bob, I like your description of my crappy drawing as a simplistic style so I'll change my view and say that this is a very artistic and stylised nuvo animation piece reflecting the the most base human emotion and goals. It has been described by some as "original different and engaging".

    Cheers guys.

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    Hey MB

    I thought this might happen (ie) everyone doesn't like it (even you the creator) apart from me and I look like a right plonker and everyone laughs at me .

    But I won't change my opinion ..... I actually like this MB like I said I love the end ,its simplicity & the music.

    Still think it was too long but I thought it was hypnotic almost (ie) I had to find out what happened.

    I often make a plonker out of myself by the way

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    I don't think anyone is laughing at you Bob. I'm sure we can all make a plonker of our selves at some time but this is not one of them. You are an individual, you know your own mind, you know what you like and don't like, you hold on to your own opinion. That is not being a plonker. If you like it then it was worth me posting it. If only one person likes my videos then at least that is one person more than none.

    Thanks Bob.

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    Thanks MB

    I did like the end I must admit.

    Hope your Easter Egg hunt goes well....... and I wish a speedy recovery to Mrs M ........
    Or does that really mean more chocolate for you and little miss M ?
    But you are bigger and stronger than little Miss M .... MB never forget that it could end up being a very profitable Easter for you in terms of chocolate consumption!!

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    Well Bob I'm up against half a dozen 8 year olds so I don't think I stand a chance.

    I uploaded a new version.

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    They gain strength in numbers MB !! single out the weakest and take the chocolate from them it has always worked for me in the past at Easter
    Or use the old "It's time for bed now" before all the chocolate is gone !!!

    New version of "The Note"
    Not sure if I prefer the new look to original ??? cant decide??????
    like the addition of scenery in walking bits
    Like how you keep it a secret (ie) can't see the words till the end ...very good
    Glad you kept the face and words yes in.
    Part of me still thinks it could be shortened to say 3 minutes but that's just my opinion

    Regardless I really like "The Note" MB

    Good Job

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    I've found sneaking up behind them and hitting them over the head with a big club does the trick. Or Mrs M has a more deadly approach. If you have a look at THIS.

    I agree The Note could do to be shorter but I had a piece of music I wanted to use so I animated around that. I should have always kept the note contents to the end I don't know why I didn't think of it before. It adds a sense of mystery so the viewer doesn't know what's going on till the end.

    Thanks for the comment Bob most people don't usually bother commenting on my YouTube page.

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