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Thread: Slimbob's 2nd Lighting Test .

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    Smile Slimbob's 2nd Lighting Test .

    Hey everyone

    Hope you are having a great Easter weekend like me.
    I have been up the wall recently with work so not had much chance to set up my studio, put on make up and film footage.

    Anyway enough of the excuses Ö.here goes.

    Make up applied quickly (ie) just test footage.

    Purpose of this video is to see what power to use on backlight/s and how much diffusion to use on fill light.

    (Thanks a million David Walsh for kindly sending me the Lee N.D filters to experiment with!!)

    Shot at 1/50 and not adjusting iris just yet that will be next after I have all the lighting power ratios sorted!!!

    Then a audio test.

    Anyway any feedback on what power and how much diffusion to use is much appreciated

    Bare in mind my content is humour (ie) funny stories /stand up comedy.


    50w both sides
    80w both sides
    120w both sides

    Diffusion on fill light

    298 = half stop
    209 = 1 stop
    298 + 209 = 1.5 stop
    210 = 2 stops
    211= 3 stops

    Thanks a million everyone

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    Hi Bob, good to see your tests again,

    First there's something you need to get your head around. It's just the use of the word "diffusion", to diffuse a light is just to soften it. I.e. use a soft box, diffusion paper etc. If you look at a shadow created by the sun on a clear day the edges are sharp, but the same shadow on a cloudy day the edges are soft, blurred, diffused. Diffusing a light will lower it's intensity a little just as cloudy days aren't as bright as clear blue sky days, but it isn't the primary purpose and the ideal diffuser for use on lights wouldn't lower the intensity of the light source at all.

    When you use the N.D. filter it's just like having a dimmer switch, but without smooth adjustments. Just in steps, or stops. So these filters don't diffuse the light, they just lower it's intensity without tinting it's hue.

    Given the lights you have I preferred the 120W both sides with the donuts backlighting, the full lowering of 3 stops with the N.D. filters and I thought the first curtain lighting looked best, the single 60W close to the curtain. The later, side on, that I thought could be good never worked as well as I thought. Ideally, I'd put an even cross spread on the background, but your not going to get that with what you have, so moving completely away from it seems to look good for me.

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    s'all a bit techy for me maybe one day i can look back at it and use it. loving the DIY approach

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    Thanks David

    I was just about to PM you to tell you my video was up .................. you beat me to it !!!

    Thanks for explaining the use of the ND filters (ie) they lower the intensity with out diffusing the light got a bit mixed up there........
    I used them in front of my diffusion paper ???? Is this correct or are you suppose to use them behind the diffusion paper? I imagine not much difference really????

    Do you agree with the 120 watt back lights choice ?? or did you prefer the less powerful 50 and 80 watt versions ???
    I might try 100w too just a bit less power.

    So your choice is 3 stops on fill ..thanks for your input David ....... I personally preferred the 1 stop but I am always open to suggestions.
    My thinking is as it is comedy less shadows would be better but I could be wrong here (ie) novice still learning.

    Yes I am tending to think that less power on the background curtain (ie) 60w could work very well .
    I am going to try a R80 blue reflector 60w bulb for a more spot light look (ie) deep blue around me but fading into black towards edge of screen
    I might also try a Par 38 (80 w) blue spot too (ie) a bit more power.

    I thought the side lighting (one 60w bulb) created a nice effect by the way might use in future if appropriate.

    All this attention to detail and testing is really important to me as once my studio /look is standardised I can focus my time shooting content!!!

    Spent a long time creating content over the years so enjoying the process of experimenting with my home made studio and lighting kit !!!

    Massive thanks again David for all your help/feedback and for sending me the fantastic pack of N/D filters !!!

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    Smile Thanks Enc

    Hey Enc

    Are you kidding me you are so far ahead of me in every way including techy bits I would need the Starship enterprise to catch you up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have seen you videos Enc enough said

    Thanks for dropping by my thread and thanks for the complement about D.I.Y approach.

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    Do you agree with the 120 watt back lights choice ?? or did you prefer the less powerful 50 and 80 watt versions ???
    I might try 100w too just a bit less power.
    I did prefer the 120W, but I have a feeling you could be right with trying the 100W, as I though it could be a bit lower but the 80W was too low.

    I used them in front of my diffusion paper ???? Is this correct or are you suppose to use them behind the diffusion paper? I imagine not much difference really????
    It shouldn't matter, one is lowering the intensity the other is softening the light. personally I'd remove the diffuser all together, if so I'd also probably lower away from the 3 stops of N.D., perhaps 1 to 2 would be enough. It would give a sharper shadow that matches the rest of your set better, and could be enough to add the texture to your face rather than raising the contrast ratio as much as the 3 stops of N.D. are getting.


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    Thanks again David.

    Yes the 120w really highlighted the hair and helped separate me from the background but I will also try 100w too as it might be a better choice.

    I will try that too (ie) no diffusion with just ND filters ..... sounds interesting ...must admit great fun all this testing !!!!!

    Thanks David

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    I agree with your opinion about the the back light and fill at 1 stop. The curtain lights looked nice with your choice as well. Although the one 60w bulb near the curtain looked nice but I felt it was just a little too dark.

    Now that you have got your lights set up, knock it all down 1 stop on the iris and I think you should be there.

    Well done.

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    Hey MB

    Hope you are having a great Easter Weekend !!!
    Thanks for dropping by.
    Yes the the back light looks good with more power ..... pity I couldn't centralise the light damn ceiling not high enough to stop glaring in lens!
    It really is funny isn't as both you and David are experienced guys but have different opinions which is what makes life and this forum so great !!!!!
    I respect both your opinions very much and take everything on board and also know it will come down to my own decision in the end but the feedback is priceless!!

    Yes next test I will play around with the iris as you suggest and probably shutter speed too (ie) try out 1/100 just to see and learn about it .

    Fascinating stuff this!

    Yes very happy with background MB !!!!!

    Thanks for your feedback as always

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    Well Little Miss Midnight has just got over a sickness bug and Mrs M is going through it now. I how I don't catch it. We are having an Easter Egg hunt on Monday so I hope the rain holds off.

    Technically the ND gels are usually attached directly on to the lights stick with one stop ND Gel on the fill light, 3 stops willl be to moody for what you are doing. When you reduce the whole lot with the iris I think it should look perfect.

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