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Thread: Mini Montage by BiajanteP

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    Default Mini Montage by BiajanteP

    This is my first montage,I hope you enjoy and do not forget to vote and leave yours feedback,thank you.
    Mini Montage by BiajanteP - YouTube

    Programs that I used
    Adobe After Effects Cs4
    Sony Vegas 10.0
    Boujou 5.0
    Cinema 4D R10

    Music :
    Dimension Skankandbass - Arcade e edIT - Straight Heat

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    Hi there

    Must be honest game videos aren't really my thing but I appreciate the work that goes into them.
    Hopefully someone will add to this thread with a lot more experience than me in these matters (game videos)
    I thought is was a bit short and seemed quite quickly put together ...not sure if this is the case??
    Liked the opening credits but think you should also include some end credits too in my opinion .

    Hope some else drops by here.

    Well done!

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