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Thread: Easter Egg Pancake Video!

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    Default Easter Egg Pancake Video!

    I've gotten a small deal going on making some really short youtube videos. I've shot a bunch and I've started to release them. They're featuring a pancake mix that is soo quick and easy to make you can do it anywhere.

    This first one is an Easter Egg special.
    I think I might have gone a little crazy with the lighting, i was going for a morning look.
    But I'm not about to go and rent a bunch of kinoflo's for this.

    What I used:
    Canon 7D
    Final Cut Pro 7
    AE 5.5

    Anyways tell me what you think about the video


    Easter PANCAKES - YouTube

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    It might have been nice to see a little more of the cook process or at least taking them out of the pan.

    The lighting is very stark as you have said. If you look at the shadow on the wall you would need another light to get rid of that, like in some shots you have some natural light from the window reducing the shadow.

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    Nice ears !!!!!
    Agree about reducing shadow on wall it looks too much to me.
    Great idea about pancake mix.
    I agree with MB here (ie) if selling food it cooking and looking delicious (ie) close up of finished food ... then footage of it being eaten and enjoyed.
    Cadbury's flake advert .. enough said .....
    No cooking but that is a great advert !!!!!
    Create a positive feeling then when the audience are experiencing the + feeling show them the product ..... repeat ... repeat .....etc etc
    Your are anchoring the + feeling to your product in there CNS (ie) if they eat ?? they will feel ? Or if they see a picture of ?? they will feel ?

    Hope this helps you in some way

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