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Thread: Advice on Build

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    Default Advice on Build

    Hey all,

    Have just found this forum, wish Iíd done so earlier!

    Itís only fair that for my first post, I immediately begin begging for advice on building my own system. The reason Iím creating a new post and not just looking at others is due to the particular situation below. Anyway here goes:

    Iím looking at building/buying a Hackintosh within the next month. It will be an extension of my workís Mac, on which I do mainly FCP/After Effects/Motion stuff. I also plan to begin getting my head around Cinema4D/Avid etc. in my own time, and aim to be editing HD footage. The work computer is a 12 core Intel Xeon Mac Pro. Iím not going to get that kind of performance on my budget, but Iíd like try my best.

    At the moment, Iím looking at two potential routes to go down: Iíve come in to contact with an IT guy who may/may not be able to get parts for me at wholesale prices. If this is the case, Iíd most likely end up basing my build on Ryan Kooís ĎHac Proí.

    Another option is a pre-built Hackintosh Iíve found on Gumtree. After discussing the possibility of additions/changes with the seller heís offering me the below specs for £780 (deductions are being offered for recycling my old systemís parts):

    I7 QUAD CORE 860S 2.54GHZ
    16GB 1336MHz DDR3 MEMORY (Model not specified as yet)
    1TB HDD (Iíve asked for a 7200RPM drive but this hasnít been confirmed)
    EVGA Geforce GTX 470
    Firewire 800 Card

    Pre-installed software includes Adobe Master-Suite CS5.5 (on both Partitions), Logic, and a few other things.

    I did mention an SSD drive but heís not willing to re-configure the entire system to do this, which is fair enough. By recycling some old system parts, it looks like I could drop the total cost down to around £650.

    After doing a bit of research I understand that the i7 860s does fall behind other processors (like the 2600k), however it would be great to get your opinions on how effective you feel this machine would be. Keep in mind that Iíve never had a home system powerful enough to do any work of this nature before, so in a way Iíll just be elated to have the ability to take projects home in the evening!

    Would the lack of an SSD or RAID system be a complete killer in this instance?

    Thanks in advance for reading, any advice would be hugely appreciated.

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    Hi there
    Must admit you question is well beyond my current level of knowledge !
    Hopefully some more experienced members can comment on your thread and give you some advice .

    Regardless best of luck and yes you have found a brilliant forum!

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    Cheers slimbob, coffee cups of awesomeness right back atcha!

    My problem is that I don't have the expertise to foresee the difference in performance between the above systems. So yes, hopefully someone's willing to read my wall of text!

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    I wish the very best of luck with this project, But I do not support the piracy of software and operating systems, I will not be offering any assistance with your project.

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    You know what, you're the first person I've spoken to that's been so direct on this issue. I've pondered the legality of a Hackintosh, yet everyone I've spoken to thus far seems to think it's a very minor complication.

    This isn't me "playing dumb" by the way, just people with much more expertise than myself don't see it as a problem. I guess facts are facts though, so I'll give this second thoughts as I'm inclined to completely agree with you.

    Just to be clear, If I was to build my own I would be buying all Software (AE, FCP etc.) with the money I saved on the system itself. Do you consider pre-installed copies on a machine illegal (in terms of un-authorized reselling?)

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    AND, in which case, this thread might possibly be breaching forum rules and/or get someone in trouble so delete as necessary.

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    I didn't even know what a Hackintosh was

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    Let me tell you what I have experienced.

    I've found 3 million pound turn-over companies using MS office suites, MS Server installs, Adobe CS5.5 packages...all unpaid software.

    This is one of those areas which everyone is "Oh it's fine, It's not like we're harming anyone?" But the sad truth is, The company say's "You cannot use our software in this manner, We employ staff to make the software and by buying the software you help pay for our company to make more software"

    Now with a Hackingtosh, Apple has stated "This is OUR Operation System that WE have made, It comes with all our APPLE branded computers, you may NOT load it onto any other system that is a non-apple branded product"

    By building a hackingtosh, You are going against the companies policy, The conditions of sale regarding the OS that you agreed to by contract by purchasing and installing the software, You know those terms and conditions people ignore?

    At the end of the day, It's your own moral judgement that needs to come into question, Person A has told me I cannot do this, but I have the capability to do it, So why not?

    I have the capability to steal from my employer....Does not mean I do it.

    My opinions are strong But that's where I sit on the issue.

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    I respect your high moral standpoint on this now I understand what it is all about .

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    Can't argue with any of that, and I can only assume the general consensus within these forums is in agreement with you, by the silence with which this post has been met!

    Ultimately I can only agree whole-heartedly with what you're saying.

    In which case, would you guys consider an £800 or so PC set-up a worthy investment for the tasks mentioned in my OP, or would it be wiser to save up a bit more (£1000?).
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