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Thread: My software problem, is which software to learn??

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    Default My software problem, is which software to learn??

    This has probably been asked a 1000 times but I'd like some fresh views. Especially since the release of Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3

    I'm just starting out with video editing. I'm a Web Designer and a client has asked if I could edit some video for them. They want me to do this because I work very closely with them and they want to change the video intros etc to suit their different clients.

    They are taking this quite seriously and we have hired a camera man. He has provided some footage shot with a Panasonic camera, AVCCAM.

    I've looked at Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro X and I just can't decide which program to spend the time and money buying and learning.

    I use a mac and I'm very familiar with some of the other Adobe programs, such as Photoshop and InDesign.

    I am wanting to create a fairly basic edit with an intro created in After Effects.

    Which should I go for? Premier or Final Cut Pro X?



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    Get both, Download a trial of both pieces of software, have a play and see which one YOU like the most.

    I personally cannot get on with FCP-X, But I know other editors are in love with it. Any user on here can say "Oh yes Premier is the best" or "FCP-X" is the best, The fact is if you can deliver what the client wants, Your using a tool that does not fail you and you are comfortable using, That's all that matters!

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    Thanks man, that does sound both obvious and sensible.

    I have actually had a very quick play with both and my initial leaning is towards FCP X. The interface just looks better and when I tried to do a really simple edit in both FCP seemed the most intuitive. I especially liked how the colourising worked and how you could see what the effects looked like. Premier seemed to offer plenty control but was less visual and more menu based.

    I guess both programs will do all that I want so I suppose which feels best initially is the one I should start to learn. I've just read so many horror stories regarding FCP X, although these mainly seem to refer to the initial release and I from seasoned pros that will be demanding more from the software than I will.

    Just one final question, in terms of learning curve would you say they were about the same? or is Premier steeper?

    Thanks again, sometimes its just useful to air your own thoughts.

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    You've already got Adobe software, You understand "How" the Adobe mind-set works, I'd say go for Premier.

    In some ways it's steeper to learn, But I hate FCP-X with a passion, It forces you into proprietary working habits, It forces you into it's own file system ( That is basically like My Documents - My Pictures - My Videos, ect ) Editing clips on the time-line, seperating audio, moving clips around, I just find hugely annoying.

    Premier on the other hand? I may spend an extra few seconds without the "Magnetic timeline" But I have a fully featured software package that can do double what FCP-X can do.

    Oh and....I have not yet encounterd one file format that I cannot open/edit in Premier Pro. FCP-X on the other hand has given me grief with AVCHD files and the like. It forces you to do a full transcode process with just about every file you throw into it, Which costs time when you just want to get footage in and edit.

    Just my 2 pence on FCP-X

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bpotter908 View Post
    I hate FCP-X with a passion
    So much for just go with what feels comfortable.

    No I appreciate your comments and your passion.

    I think I'm gonna stick with FCP X for now and see how I go or I'll never get anywhere.


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