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Thread: C-VIT (comedy/drama)

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    This a 41 min film I did in 2011: C-VIT (2011) - YouTube

    As it is a bit longer Im grateful for your time and feedback.

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    I got through 11 mins before I gave up. I didn't see anything particularly wrong with the filming etc. BUT I found it very dull.


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    Ok, thanks for trying haha. May I ask why you found it dull?

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    The pace was very slow, watching two women have interesting conversations was tiresome, There was a bit of interest with the woman on the stairs but it offended my athletic as it reminded me of a woman I came across last night, she was so drunk she fell up the steps of a theatre I was at and I had to pick her up as she couldn't get up by her self.

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    Do you think if the characters were men you would have been more interested?

    Ah drunk women on stairs so it isnt just just a swedish phenomenon then!

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    Male or female, it makes no difference and the subject matter being discussed was uninteresting to me.

    Yes, I'm afraid we have drunken women in this county as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    Yes, I'm afraid we have drunken women in this county as well.
    And they make me afraid as well. Very afraid.

    I gave the film a try but really lost interest. This looked like (was supposed to look like? Was actually) just people talking the sort of inane drivel they talk every day. I want to be entertained, or driven to think about something, or inspired, or educated, or informed or moved when I watch a film. I don't want to see everyday examples of the mundane, presented without comment.

    So, not for me then ...

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    Thanks for giving it a try.

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