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    Default Internet Memes video - editing feedback

    So I'm working on this psychological videos on YouTube, and I try to make the editing better.
    Unfortunately my camcorder is not capable of anything better, but I try to add some saturation adjust
    in Sony Vegas, some nice transition.

    I'd love to hear some advice, what could I more work on, with editing, to make it look better and
    more professional.

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    Concentrate on improving the sound. Especially when you have a noisy background.

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    There are many basic things you could work on, but there's not a lot you can do with editing alone. Bear the following i mind next time you shoot.

    1. As Midnight has already said - sound. I wouldn't bother watching more than 20 secs of the street scene normally as it was so difficult to hear you and the punters.
    2. Jump cuts. You cannot edit two shots together which are the same (the audio is not an issuem but visually this is a "jump cut"). When you're doing your piece to camera, learn your lines so that you can do it all in one take. Possibly record it a second or third time from significantly different angles. Then you can change camera angles when you need to edit out a long pause or mistake, and it's no longer a jump cut.
    It is not necessarily possible to ask people to perform the interview more than once (and not feasible if you are performing a trick where they do not know the outcome). Get you cameraman to take some long distance shots of you talking to the punters and also lots of shots of scenery in the area, flowers, acrhitectural details, street views - anything. These can be used later to patch over where you would oterwise have a jump cut.
    3. Get closeups of the people you're talking to hands and (non-speaking, but listening) faces always make good cutaways and add interest.
    4. Get close ups of the things you are talking about. It's all very well shoing those cards to people in the street, but we want some idea of what's on them as well. And when one is selected make sure you show a close up of that - (as well as the "X" on the back!!!!)
    5. Watch composition. In the simngle shots it is fine that you are far over to screen right, but your head is a little low in the frame - aim for the eyes to be two thirds up.

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    Thanks for all those valuable advice! I'm really glad I found this forum, because I was looking for long time to find someone who could give some more professional advice. And many of those things you have mentioned, I've not even thought about.

    With the sound, it's always a challenge. Streets are always noisy, and I can't choose the place where it's going to be shot, it's always spontaneous. So I thought maybe it would be worth to buy some not to expensive mike which could be clipped to the spectator and another one to me? Is it a good idea, and is there some mike you could advice me?

    TimStannard, this is some great advice! I will look especially into cuts (those jump cuts), and will try to follow your suggestions. I think it's very good idea with adding those close-ups and faces of people listening etc. Some of the takes are not always that easy to do, because those people are not actors, just a random people that allowed to see a trick and be filmed. It's hard to demand from them extra shots, repetitions and so on. But I'll see if I can apply something from what you said. I guess I will need to speak with camera man as well

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