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Thread: mentallic - a formal introduction

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    Default mentallic - a formal introduction

    so, from previous conversation and advice, I've created an introductory video to my 'Mentallic' project

    Mentallic - YouTube

    does it make sense to you guys?


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    I see you took my advice and hitched a ride on the space shuttle.

    I think this works well. This seems like a great introduction to the little silver creatures. Great music choice and nicely put together video.

    Well done.

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    Lovely film, although I felt it dipped a bit after they landed on Earth - I'm talking about the sequence where we saw Mentallic's in various locations without any captions. Perhaps this could have been cut a bit faster or fewer shots used?

    My other concern is that it requires the viewer to watch the whole film before they become aware there's any sort of ongoing project and interactive element. If there was some way you could hint at this early on, it might tempt more people to watch all the way through.

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    Much better in my opinion compared to first (ie) the story really improves this.
    love the muisc 1.11 onwards.

    Agree with Tim about letting us know from the beginning that there is a continuing project /interaction going on.


    Great job Fuzzymuffin

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