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    Wow, quite a lot of work went into that. Some good camera work and editing. As an art piece it does works for me. It's such a shame you didn't include a voice over narrative to go with it. With the right sound scape and VO it would have been a great piece.

    I'm going to call it an "unfinished" work in progress. You really could make this ggreat with a good script. Please try.

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    There are some very good images in this film - and some lovely editing. I like the titles/the vaguely "Mondrian" type sequence.

    I did think it became rather flat and undinteresting after he got back home and hit the bottle. This section seemed to go on for a rather long time and whilst there was a variety of shots they were all pretty much the same (different agles and distances, but all the same colour in stark contrast to the earlier shots). The ending was also inevitable long before we got there - it was too heavily signposted - which meant that when we reached the end of the film it was unsatisfying (a bi like someone saying I'm going to show you the colour green and then showing you the colour green).

    I disagree with Midnight about having a voiceover - I'm quite a fan of the images alone telling the story. However, unless I failed to pick up something, this didn't tell me anything other than here's a guy, trying to do something, and eventually doing it (I'm avpoiding spoilers here!). I want to know why he's doing it but more than that I want to be able to understand and perhaps empathise with the character. For all the moody shots and good acting, I didn't find myself drawn to this character any more than I do in any of those action films we see posted here which are all action, no character and no plot.

    But that's all(!) it's lacking as I see it. Find a way of showing a back-story and giving us a take o the character's personality and this could be very good indeed.

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    Cool shoes!!!

    Seriously I thought you did a fantastic job and some of the footage & editing was very professionally done.

    To have no dialogue and keep attention is hard to do but you had me from the beginning opening sequence.

    However I would say I thought it was a bit too long and could be culled if keeping the non dialogue approach.
    If you added dialogue then then the 4 +minute video could work better in my opinion.

    Also in parts there seemed almost too much going on for me from an editing perspective ??

    I am really trying to offer constructive criticism here as all in all I thought this was a stunning short video.

    Many congratulations Windcharger

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    Thank you all guys, for your critic comment and good words too, I like that

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    its a beautifull movie.. good editing in the first minute but, i fell your mood is going down in your movie in the last minute.. why ?

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