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Thread: Pinnacle 14 audio problem

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    Default Pinnacle 14 audio problem

    Hi everyone!
    I have some problems with Pinnacle studio 14 Ultimate Collection. Here's the thing:
    I used something called ImTOO Dvd ripper to rip a James Bond dvd into mp4 files to my computer.
    Then I edited the mp4 files in Pinnacle and made a pretty good trailer to the movie.
    When i viewed it as a project it was exactly as I wanted it to be.
    But when I created a movie out of it, the audio from the movie caused a whole lot of trouble.
    The sound sometimes came two seconds later than it should have done, and sometimes it was just cut off by silence, while the trailer music and the video was going on as it should. This is very annoying, because everything was perfect except for the audio from the movie.
    I've tried to create a movie in MPEG-4, Windows Media and even an MP3 audio file and I still had the same problem.
    Can someone please help me with this? I've been searching everywhere for answers but haven't found anything yet.
    And I don't even know if it's Pinnacle or the DVD ripper that is the main source for all this trouble.
    I would really appreciate if someone gave me some help to solve this. I'm 14 years old and still I have been paid for editing movies, both for my family and companies such as Silva and Gerber. I really love editing, and I am quite sure I will be working with this when I'm older.

    Oh, and by the way, check out my youtube channel: djduberg. And if I get some help you may see the result of the trailer on my channel, and I can even give you some credit
    Thanks in advance

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    Don't use that Software, but there are some things you could explain/try....

    First - is this the first time it's gone wrong? - ie normally when you do this it works fine, - so what have you changed recenly . . . hardware changes, maybe some new software, or updates, etc.

    Secondly - are you burning a DVD and then watching that on yr PC - don't.
    Burn a DVD and play it on a TV/DVD - unless yr PC is high spec it may struggle to keep lip-sync.

    Finally . . . are you clear for the copyright?

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    As vidmanners says "Are you clear for copyright"

    From time to time I have seen similar problems posted on the Pinnacle forum and most relate to the same thing you are trying to do. Though I have not as yet seen a solution. Which does not mean there is a problem with the software. Could be that the original film may be encrypted in some way. I think if you where to ask Pinnacle directly They may say you should not be doing this anyway.

    To be honest, if I did this and posted it on Youtube I know I wouldn't sleep at night.

    Youtube even muted the audio of one of my documentary videos. (My own video footage) And that was a track which I had paid for as part of Pinnacle studio software. Copyright laws are as tight as tight can be.
    Video editing is fun and what ever you do on your computer for home use is up to you. But post it on the Internet and you could be leaving yourself wide open to a whole bunch of trouble with someone else's material. For Interest Youtube have got a copyright tracking system in place. They can either delete the video, close your account, or refer you to the copyright owners. Please read Youtube,s laws about copyright for your own peace of mind.

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    Thanks for your help

    Now I have emptied my computer with all the biggest files, and I have deleted another dvd ripping program that's caused me trouble before (DVDFab), so I think it should go now. If it doesn't work I may ask Pinnacle, or else I will have to download some capture software or something. I know it sounds stupid, but I just have get out of this.
    But what exactly do you mean with the copyright?
    Yeah, I know it is in fact illegal to rip DVD's, but I have almost never seen a video on YT that has been taken down for copyright purposes. There are lots of videos that have taken footage from DVD's and haven't got deleted. So why does it happen to some and not to others? And is there any way to, as you said, get "clear for the copyright"?

    Thanks in advance

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    Quote: But what exactly do you mean with the copyright?

    Thought i made that clear in my earlier post. When you upload to youtube there is always a warning before you start about TV Films and movies etc. Do not unless you have the owners permission.
    Just because its widespread on Youtube doesn't mean its OK to do it. They have not been deleted. Not yet anyway The only way you could get clear for copyright is by asking the owner like MGM or whoever it is that produced the film for instance.
    Did you know there is 24hrs worth of video uploaded to Youtube every hour of every day. Take some time to go through them all don't you think.

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