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    Default pinnacle nightmares

    Im trying to finalise a finished project ive completed on pinnacle studio.

    Ive stupidly made a pilot program on this awful system. Utterly unimpressed but im stuck with it as it holds a years editing and a 1 hour 10 min program.

    Each time I try to make an avi file etc dvd etc.. It fails at some stage. Utterly depressing piece of crap software.
    Please help

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    Quote Originally Posted by chevy View Post
    . Utterly depressing piece of crap software.


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    Do you know if it stops at the same point every time. Is there some sort of bad media on the time line. Is the original media on a slow external drive or some other issue that could slow down the drive. Have you got enough RAM memory. Have a look at how your Windows is doing is it well kept, then check the media, then if no joy, cry a lot about how you made such a bad decision to go with Pinnacle.

    Now learn to pray really hard. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

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