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Thread: Music video of História de Amor- Piggie (original), by Piggie

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    Talking Music video of História de Amor- Piggie (original), by Piggie

    Hi folks.

    Another music video, but this one is my own music, in portuguese. The music is pretty poor, but the video I think that is good. I used clones techniques again. Unfortunately, for TimStannard, there is only 3 main angles, (like my first video) but now there are more events through the video. This video I had already recorded when TimStannard give me the hint to use more angles and more events, so, please excuse me.


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    Not bad Piggie, I liked the editing and just at the point when I was getting a bit bored you brought the cat in to the shot. I might have enjoyed the song more if I could understand the words but that can't be helped. I liked the cup transfer at the beginning, I thought that was a nice touch and helps to sell the twin screen.

    Well done.

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    Thanks. As I said, the pizza and the cat were my new events through the video. And I'm really glad to do this cup transfer. It was a bit hard to do, but the result is really awsome.

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    That was a zillion times more entertaining than the first one. I really enjoyed it. Three angles is plenty - when you make use of cutaways as you have here.
    The cup transfer was so natural I missed it! I thought the music was great - the video and music complemented each other nicely. The cut to order a pizza was priceless and the pizza slices being taken was another great addition.
    To be honest this just looked like so much fun! You look like youre having fun making it and that helps make the video itsel fun.

    It's well on the way to becoming as good as Kartiv2's stuff

    Looking forward to the next one.

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    Wow, thank you very much TimStannard, your opinion counts very much to me. It's a pleasure that you enjoyed.
    My next video is not a music, but a Tutorial (in portuguese, but I'm making a subtitle in english, for you and all unterstand, because this tutorial is real fun).

    I checked Kartiv2's videos and yes, she is really good (her video with cats was amazing).

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