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    A month ago I posted a movie called Spooky Nite II which I had created for the neighborhood families at Halloween in 2008. In 2009 I created a sequel called Spooky Nite III, with a few updates:

    - I added a plot (I think this worked)
    - I added a bad guy called Mr Spooky Hands (I think this worked)
    - I used the same scary sounds from (this worked well the first time so I used them again)
    - I created a model town for one of the spooky scenes (you can tell it's a model, but I think it works anyway)
    - I tried to generate some suspense in the cornfield scene using an (increasing) heart rate sound but I don't think it was scary at all

    One thing that I had a hard time with was the speaking part at the end of the movie. I tried to come up something that sounded like a person speaking into a recording device, but it just came out tinny.

    In any event, here it is!

    spooky nite iii - director's cut - mar13 2012.mp4 - YouTube

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    I'm sure your neighbourhood loved it. I'm not sure it was scary enough to be a horror movie or funny enough to be a comedy but I still think you put in some nice ideas. Like the music starting when the book opened.

    Well done.

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