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Thread: integrating 3D and live action

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    Default integrating 3D and live action

    Hi all,

    Im new to this forum and hoping you could help me out.

    I am looking at the folling challenge, and trying to found out how and if it is possible to realise it with After Effects.
    Currently I have version 5.0 on my computer. The fact is that I will have to shoot a house from the front. Now this isnt really the problem.
    The original house will be empty, so there is no furniture, no nothing to look at through the windows. This inside of the house, will be made in a 3D programm.
    The question is, how can I integrate this 3Dimage with the live action. And even more important: how does this work while the camera is moving and there are even people walking past the house.

    Is this possible, and if so, can somebody explain me stap by step how to do it?

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

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    If you don't even know the name of the technique then I presume you are some what of a novice with video editing. You need to what is called masking.

    Here is a very basic video which will get you started.

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