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    Hey guys!

    It's been a while since I've updated our portefolio, so here's a new video, this time a summary of a small music festival that took place in Oporto. Hope you like it.

    (If you can, watch it in 1080p - Full HD)


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    Nicely stitched together, some good shots etc... The only thing that I found strange was watching a band playing a different song to the sound track that we heard even though it had been edited to fit the music. Still a nice editing job.

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    Thanks! I understand what you're saying. The problem is that the three bands played different styles of music and they even hadn't any studio mix, so we tried to choose a powerful song that would lead to a solid editing pace. It wasn't easy to kind of hide the fact that their singing and playing differente things, but we did our best and I guess that globally it ain't something that destructs the video experience. Anyway, again, good tip.

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