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Thread: Problems with project and capture settings, really need help

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    Default Problems with project and capture settings, really need help

    Guys this is a pretty simple question i know, but any help would be greatly appreciated.
    I have made a few small videos before, but in the end quality wise they arent what i was hoping and im pretty sure its project and capture settings from the beggining.
    I want to use the footage for a DVD and soley a DVD. I just need to know what project settings i should use and then what capture settings i should use. Im in Australia so I would be using PAL correct

    Please help me out, im kinda really stuck!

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    Yes, you'll be using PAL settings, capture using Firewire as Pal DV AVI, it should be the default setting anyway.

    For a DVD you will encode to MPEG2, but you'll want to capture in DV AVI, then edit, then encode to MPEG2 for the DVD.
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    thank heaps for the quick reply!
    what pal settings should i use to start the project?
    i checked out your site, we are filming the same stuff
    ive been filming a lot pro surfers over here, mainly doing the new school moves like backside airs, grabs, shuvits and the like. last week i was lucky enough to get footage of spencer skipper at straddie, one of australia's semi secret greatest spots.
    thanks heaps for your help dude muchly appreciated


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    No problem,

    If you're using Premiere, just use the Default PAL settings, thats:
    720x576 , 25 fps, DV video

    assuming you're not shooting in Widescreen,

    just select the pre-set PAL settings for your project when you start it, and go to file>capture, use your prefered capture method, I use Movie capture when capturing surf footage, because you always need to stop and start every few seconds.

    Should be fine, just make sure your using firewire.

    Is Straddie that right hand wedge that looks like D-Bah but isn't?
    Spencer Skipper was in France last year when I was there, but I didn't get to film/watch him surf unfortunately. If you ever want some UK/Ireland footage for a change on your DVD I'll swap you some,
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    yup its like d-bah but not quite as wedgy. dbah has a more peaky, a-frame take off, straddies a little bit different but absolutely epic. dbah and strad are both swell magnets, so even when theres 2ft of swell on the open beaches you know it will be alright.
    ive been talking to michael crawley at dbah lately, he's the guy that shot a lot of footage for the first few no friends vids. hooked me up with a vx2000 a heap cheaper so im stoked. yeh would be damn keen to swap some footage, i have footage of trent bonham, chad bartie, john kabro skating at nexus and skateworld oh and also have chad doing a 3 flip down a 12 stair its so sick. you got msn man, ill add ya..

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