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Thread: Frame rate issues - I want 30fps, not 29.970!

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    Question Frame rate issues - I want 30fps, not 29.970!

    Hi, I record videos using fraps at 1280*720p, 30fps. When I render my videos for upload to youtube, the best option appears to be MP4, using 720p @ 30fps, as it is my original size and framerate. However, when I select the preset "Internet 1280x720-30p", the description says that the framerate is 29.970. AFAIK, this will cause interpolation or frame skipping, resulting in a loss of quality. If I manually enter "30" into framerate textbox in the custom settings, it just fails to render completely, saying "The reason for the error could not be determined".

    I am using Vegas Pro 10.0

    What should I do?
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    Are you sure the fraps recording is actually 30fps and not just the generic term 30fps which is actually 29.970fps. This is such a confusing thing when the frame rate is said to be 30 fps but actually isn't. What does vegas report the frame rate is when you look at the clip properties ?

    Even if it is the case I doubt you me or anyone would notice the difference. Render a short section at 29.970 and see what that looks like.

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    Sony AVC doesn't support 30.0 fps (it's a bug)
    You can slightly slow down your 30 fps clips to 29.97 fps (set playback rate to 0.999 and set Disable Resample ON)

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    One might convert the original (30fps) as a sequence of high quality stills. Then create a 29.97 project and import the stills.
    Although that may avoid nasty visual effects, it will change the duration of the clip (My maths suggests that over 5 mins; the difference between 29.97 and 30fps is around 9 frames, i.e a third of one second).

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    I'm sure it would work but it's a lot of faffing around just for 9 frames of a computer game recording. I defy anyone to spot the pulldown.

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    Experiment and export using those settings. If you can't tell the difference, then there's no issue.

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    The frame rate hasn't been 30fps since colour was introduced.

    For every 1000 seconds there was 1 second added for colour information i.e. 30,000 frames / 1001 seconds = 29.97fps.

    Recoding at 29.97fps doesn't distort anything.

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