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Thread: Batman Begins trailer - first time editing

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    Default Delete post please

    Sorry ignore this post. I have deleted my video.
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    First of all I am a massive batman fan and loved both "Batman Begins" & "The Dark Knight" can't wait for "The Dark Knight Rises!!!!
    I thought you used music and clips very well and created a good trailer but be aware that you are breaking copyright law.

    Now I now that everyone does it on you tube/internet ....which is true .... but you are taking a risk by playing with Warner's original intellectual property.
    Really sorry to rain on the parade by the way .
    Doing it for yourself and enjoying your creations in your own home is still wrong but less risky however advertising the fact by uploading to "You Tube" or sharing it on forums like this is a bit risky in my opinion.

    Again sorry if I am saying something you dont' want to hear but I thought I should say it.

    Regardless of the law side of things I think you showed great creativity in terms of combining clips and music to create a good trailer.

    Well done but be careful

    One Batman fan to another

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    You are right. Point taken. I have removed the video. Thanks for all your feedback. Please feel free to delete this thread.
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