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    I've been looking to upgrade my PC for the company for a while now. We need something that will be able to handle easily and quickly HD editing on Premier, After Effects (and the rest of master suite CS5.5) as well as projection of HD and possibly 3D and Stereoscopic film. I've put together what I think we need, some of which I can strip from our old machines. Not going for mac regardless of the arguments for them, love them but can build better for cheaper and for the sake of graphical pleasantness and slightly more intuitive control, there not worth the price. Here's everything so far

    Nova Tech Prowler Midi case V2 - 29.99
    AMD Bulldozer FX-8 Eight Core 8120 3.1Ghz (will overclock this) - 142.98
    AS Rock 970 Extreme3 AMD 870 (motherboard) - 66.98
    Gigabyte GeForce GT 440 OC 1024MB GDDR3 - 54.98
    Seagate Barracuda 1TB 32MB Cache SATA 6Cb/s 59000rpn - 78.98
    2x Corsair Vengeance 4GB - 16000Mhz DDR3 - 43.96
    Liteon Blu-Ray SATA drice - 47.99
    USB Card Reader- 6.98

    already owned is:
    400W PSU
    DVD RW drive
    multiple HDD all 250GB or bigger (will use one of OS and Core programs)

    In total everything comes to 472.84.

    Want to keep this below 500 and this was just line price from a respectable UK computing company, does anyone know of anywhere to get any of this cheaper? (obvious question really) oddly enough scan is quite pricey on all this I've found. Also obviously, is this a good enough rig? Pretty confident I've got the CPU right, know I can always stuff more RAM in there but that's a budget issues, my only concern is, they good enough graphics? Wondering if really I should be Spending more?


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    "We need something that will be able to handle easily and quickly HD editing on Premier, After Effects (and the rest of master suite CS5.5) as well as projection of HD and possibly 3D and Stereoscopic film"

    Spend more money....Sorry but your asking for a plane that can fly across the world and yet have the budget of a mountain bike. I would not use that system in the live events industry to project 1080p video...yet you want to edit on it 500 is a completely unrealistic budget for what your asking, I'm very happy to be proved wrong, But I want to see a system working and actually producing the figures to compete with 1000+ systems.

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    I'm willing to take your word every time above mine, I just sat down thought about it roughly and spec'd what I thought might be capable, was surprised to find it so cheap so not at all surprised to find you saying spend more! Few things developed and now also specing for a friends dedicated machine for just editing and production of video (I will likely post what I've created for that so far shortly and would be grateful for any advice) which means this machine will become almost entirely based around projection and show running. In that respect what would you say needs changing/upgrading, my thoughts being RAM and Graphics mostly but I figure likely going to say should be looking at an i7 and more capable motherboard?

    If you could offer any guidance would be really grateful and appreciate it a lot.


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    Find out what the "budget" is, the highest you can or would be willing to spend on a system, And then we can all share ideas for how to get you there. For now I'd suggest:

    12GB of ram, 16Gb if you can afford it, After Effects eats ram like you would not believe.
    Intel I7, Make sure it's a sandy bridge processor.
    SSD for OS drive ( only if you can afford it, This speeds up the system boot time which I find handy for quickly getting the station going. )

    In thinking about it, get yourself one of the over-clock bundles from Scan, a 500-600 bundle will do the job for you quite nicely and not break the bank! It gives you processor, ram and mother-board, In a package that has been over-clocked to give some really decent performance, I've not had or heard of issues with their over-clock systems. GPU does not need to be top class, but read up on what cards will support the mercury playback engine.

    You may want 2GPUs...Depending on how your going to do presentations and how many outputs you need all on the one PC.

    Do you want a capture card? To capture footage from a camera mixer into the system from a live event...maybe worth thinking about that.

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