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Thread: New user! Hello everyone...

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    Lightbulb New user! Hello everyone...

    So as I'm totaly new here (just made account here), I'm not sure is this right place to introduce myself and my work! This video is curectly in internet competitoin for official Nightwish FanVideo. I'll take any critic material!

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    Welcome to the forum! Great to have you on board.

    This is a great video. Brilliant song story line and editing. I liked the old super 8 camera TV and radio. And the video ended in the old building where it started. In my opinion if this is an entry to a competition it will take some beating. Very well done.

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    I'm glad you posted that CW, because my own reaction to it was rather negative and I didn't want to respond to someone's first post with an opening negative comment. Just goes to celebrate the fact we don't all like the same things!

    I appreciate that a lot of thought and work has gone into this and I quite liked the song.

    I thought that the jump cuts work when the talent is moving significantly (like walking) but look just like mistake when she is virtuallly static (like a 0:27 when she is sitting down)
    I also liked the concept of sitting down and watching a film - which I thought was very well done. And I echo CW's comments about ending where it began - bringing a good resolution to the narrative.

    For me there were issues with the shots. Some seemed rock steady or panned nice and smoothly on a tripod, whereas others looked decidedly hand-held and one or two looked like the camera was hosing (eg 3:06-3:09)
    Some shots seemed to focus on nothing in particular and some shots seemed irrelevant (random shots of swans, some strangely tilted shots which just looked, well, just tilted rather than done in a creative way for a reason.
    The shots with camera movement looked far from smooth (these are very difficult to do well even with good equipment)
    You have some fast cutting sequences in there, but some have horrible (in my opinion) quick fades through black whilst others have horrible (in my opinion) dissolves from one moving image to another sometimes contrasting movement, sometimes similar movement.
    Some shots have a vignette applied (there may well be a relebece to those which do and those which don't but i failed to see the significance.

    I think overall, it was this lack of consistency about the whole thing which let it down for me, too many different styles of shooting and editing.

    As you can see much of this is subjective and I'm sure some of what I didn't like was done with an objective in mind. If you can explain your reasons/choices (without coming across as all defensive), I'd be interested. ALternatively just tell me I have no taste!

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    Hello Tim

    That's what I like about this forum. as with your post very interesting and valid points of view.

    To me the story was about refection and imagination, when the girl enters the building sits down and looks at the wall, She falls asleep and dreams of what she is thinking in her own subconscious mind. And then at the end shows her waking up and leaving the building. Which in my view would reflect the workings of the subconscious mind, its edited the film and added scenes badly which don't make sense to the contious mind. Meaning we all have dreams that just don't make sense and I took this video as a visual interpretation of that. Which is my reason for giving it the thumbs up.

    I hope this makes sense. Like I say its great to hear other points of view, fore's and against's. I have seen favorable comments to some video reviews here on the forum and picked up loads of good pointers myself, some of which I would or would not agree with, but then its all down to all our personal tastes.

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    I suspect your interpretation, CW, is exactly what is intended. Perhaps i just have enough trouble making sense of my own dreams to bother with someone else's

    I suspect i'd appreciate it more if we just had snippets of dream sequences - 10 or 20 seconds here and there - it's probably the fact that the main part of the film is all edited like this that distracts me.

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    I enjoyed the well delivered song. I also liked many of the scenes. But, I found some aspects odd.
    The pace of the clip appeared not to change during the song. Even when the choruses occured, there seemed to be no attempt to further delight the viewer (or explain where the other voices have come from). I also wonder how fully you had storyboarded the whole thing beforehand. Whilst some of the story was magnificant, there remained lots of shots of a woman drawing ducks and wandering about a park with a bridge.

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    I’m new to this forum also….well, in the sense of posting.

    I have been reading this forum almost every day for a year.
    What I like about this forum is that many subjects discuss the actual editing,
    and not only technical issues.
    I will not consider myself as a novise, having been editing for several years.
    But still being a working girl, time has often been shorter than I wish for,
    and there is so extremely much to learn.
    I certainly understand a lot of work has gone in to this video.
    However, for me, it is the lack of consistency that is wearing me out while watching.
    These days I often wonder if this is an “age-thing or taste-thing”.
    So many videos have this (to me) flickering expression. Scenes of 0.5 /1 sec, rapid panning
    or/and zooming. You want to catch what is going on, but before you can, a new image is
    there. Then another. Sure, if “flicker” is meant to express something, underline something,
    then (again to me) it is something to consider.
    I think I would have liked to have time to reflect a little, during the video.
    (But then again; I may also be without taste!)

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