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Thread: Music Video "Capitol City"

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    Default Music Video "Capitol City"

    Hi Guys,
    This is my latest MV production filmed in Adelaide , Australia.
    Let us know what you think..

    Filmed with a CANON 5D MArk 2.

    Jimblah - "CAPITOL CITY" - Ft Alex Truehl - YouTube

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    Over thirty seconds before the music starts is unusual for a music video, At the point when you finish showing the cityscape then cut to the shot at 28 seconds and it is total silence wasn't the best idea. I would have cut straight to the music at that point also the shot is wobbly I always think a long shot like that should be rock solid. Don't get me wrong, I think you have some very nice shots in the opening sequence but is this right for this music video ? I don't think so.

    Once it get's started it ok but does lack a bit of content after a while. It just goes from street scene to talent to street scene to talent etc.......

    Nice camera work but lacks content for me.

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    Well taken... thanks for comments "Midnight Blue". The silence shot was deliverate.. although I agree wth the rock solid...

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