What's going on people, me and a friend of mine have been thinking.. Wouldn't it be awesome if we could organise a world wide project, involving everyone who wants to be part of it ? The only thing you have to do, is to pick up a camera, and start filming. We'll accept all submissions, edit them, and put them all together in one big video. The quality doesn't really matter, as long as it is a small 5-15 second movie about the subject we give you guys. The first subject being the rising or setting of the sun. You can submit your video by adding it as a video response, sending us a personal message, or by sending us an email. ( Davidhilhorst@hotmail.com (Me) or theunfam0usone@gmail.com (Martin) ) Please do add your name and the name of your country, so we know who is submitting the video, and from where ^^ Wel'll put this in the video too. We hope to see videos from all over the world. Thanks in advance, and be sure to send us your short videos. Greetings from Norway and Holland.

It is all explained in this video. World wide project, we need your help! - YouTube


David & Martin