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Thread: Amazing Potty Training gears for night time

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    Default Amazing Potty Training gears for night time

    I would love some comments on this one! Thanks!

    These amazing high tech potty training gears help get rid of your child's fear of the dark.

    Say bye-bye to this under-the-bed/living-in-the-closet/ghost-monster that's ruining your child's dignity.

    Constantly monitoring your bladder, the watch also comes with an aggressive mode for heavy sleepers.

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    I loved this. Very entertaining and well made.

    Well done.

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    Not a bad idea. Good acting from the girl. Well produced FX.

    As a film it was a little slow. When you've invested so much time in creating the costumes and the FX it's natural to want to let the audience want to get a good look at them.

    I'd have liked to have seen it as more of an action movie (ie rolling over the bed, dealing with the monsters much more quickly) for two reasons: Generally to make the film more exciting and because when you wake up in the night needing a pee, you need to get there as soon as possible! I enjoyed the corny little jke at the end.

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    I liked it...well suited for kids... nice camera work...

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