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Thread: Staines Video Makers' Chairman's Night

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    Default Staines Video Makers' Chairman's Night

    As many of you might know, I'm chairman of my local video club Staines Video Makers.

    Every year it falls to the chairman to present an eveing. Being a lazy b*gg*r, I simply put together a list of films I've come across on the internet which I've found interesting, inspiring or just entertaining. Of course I had to reduce that list in order to fit into an evening and in the event i only found time to show 60-70% of those.

    Most of these wre made by members of this forum, and I'm very grateful to Marc Peters, Midnight Blue, Andy Lockwood, ctbullet, Kartiv2 and enc for letting me show them.

    Talking Twin Babies: Talking Twin Babies - PART 2 - OFFICIAL VIDEO - YouTube (just an example of what most of YouTube comprises - and how Content is King.
    The Weir – My first video! – Not Available!
    Our Honeymoon by Marc Peters – admin of Digital Director - how to make a personal memento watchable!
    Hi Jack From a South African film “Panic Mechanic” Hi Jack - YouTube
    Amateur Lasse Gjertsen - 2006 All down to editing. No additional sound. Note how it still progresses – becomes more complex as it evolves. Also note humour. Amateur - Lasse Gjertsen - YouTube
    Kitchen Jam C-van (Kartiv2) posts every week also collaborates. Not just instruments. Kitchen jam - YouTube
    OK Go – End Love. 18hr continuous shoot + 200hrs additional footage. Time compressed by 270 times (average) slo mo 32 times . Look at the smooth transition between the time lapse stuff and the slomo. OK Go - End Love - Official Video - YouTube
    Rock around the Clock C-van (Kartiv 2) Rock Around The Clock - LITERALLY - YouTube
    Dawlish Warren Airshow –
    The Magic Ball Man Canon DSLR (7D) + Glidecam. Hypnotic images – camera movement adds interest. The Magic Ball Man - Canon 7D - Glidecam (Contact Juggling) - YouTube
    LEGO – Top 10 Movie Moments – Harry Bossert 17 y/o Commissioned by Lego LEGO Top Ten Movie Moments - YouTube

    The Boss ctbullet Reminded me of one of this year's Staines comedies. The Boss | Short Comedy Film (2012) - Reed short film competition - YouTube
    Street Songs – Midnight Blue – video to accompany a song from 20 (?)years ago. Wife & daughter act. Street Songs The Directors Cut - YouTube
    Me & My Campervan -enc Me And My .... VW camper van - YouTube
    Lovefield –Mathieu Ratthe – combines elements of horror, suspense and drama. Use of sound. LOVEFIELD (Short Film by Mathieu Ratthe) - YouTube
    Clean the House – C-Van (Kartiv2) Clean the house - Kartiv2, Trudbol & JB Craipeau A cappella collab - YouTube
    The Moon, The Cook, and what I think - Midnight blue The Moon, The Cook & What I think - YouTube

    The selection went down very well. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.
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    Thanks for posting all the links, I think you made some great selections. It makes a great nights viewing. The only problem is I was supposed to be having an early night tonight.
    Well, I'll just have to have a lye in in the morning.

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    Hi Tim. That first one was hilarious. Looked like they invented their own new language. and 66 million views. Whew!

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    good selection tim.

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    Thanks Tim (a bit late to this thread!)
    I have seen a lot of these already (ie)(Midnights and encs videos but enjoyed the other ones too .....not watched all of them yet but getting through them.

    Glad the night went well for all involved

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