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Thread: How to create title/logo displays?

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    Default How to create title/logo displays?

    Hi. I have one little problem.

    I have created a video and everything is good except I can't seem to make the lettering/logo for the title to look good. Everything I come up with always seems extremely bush league and clashes with the rest of the video.

    Does anyone know how people are coming up with these awesome name/title/logos?

    Like I see videos where people display their name and it's in this really cool epic font/style that really adds flair to the video.

    Whereas mine always looks like playskool.

    Any suggestions? Are people creating this in vegas? Or do they usually go elsewhere and create the logo/title and then import it to vegas?

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    Please indicate which version of Vegas you have (Movie Studio or Pro and version number) and post some links to two or three titles you'd like to emulate.
    Your idea of a really cool epic font/style that really adds flair to the video might not be the same as the next mans.

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    If you are finding it hard to create your own professional logo have you considered delegating it out ??

    My mate got a great logo done on for about 30

    You just need to post the job and explain what you want and what format and video editing software you are using.

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    I'm using Vegas Pro 11.

    I'm looking for names/title logos like the ones they use for wrestlers in wrestling videos. Yes, you may find it corny but the video editing is actually really good. Like in these ones:

    Test Titantron - YouTube

    WWE || Randy Orton 3th Voices

    CM Punk New Titantron 2012 HD (with Download Link) - YouTube

    Where they display the names really slick like. Very expertly done. And not just the lettering but the backgrounds with them are very slick as well.

    Any ideas based on that information? I just have no idea how it's done...

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    Have a look at some of the videos at the end of this link.

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    Thanks, Midnight Blue. Those really came in handy. I'm going to put some of those things into practice right now.

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