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    Default mentallic - finding a friend

    finally doing a project of my own, just started and already forced to rush! doh!!

    anyway - context
    I'm doing a local mini multiplatform project whereby little creatures made from tinfoil are placed around events under the premise that they have come to earth after their home planets (space junk) disintegrated into the ozone layer. Now that they are on Earth they are exploring/ investigating and experiencing new things. Anyone that finds these little creatures are prompted to take them, photograph them and tweet them. They'll also be able to discover video content of the Mentallics finding their feet in this very large, and a initially unfriendly planet.
    This is the first video I've shot in the series with a view to doing lots more.

    I haven't released anything officially yet, no followers or nothing, tis all still very raw so perfect time to hit me wiv some crit, innit!

    Making Friends - YouTube

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    I think this is a nice creative idea but as this is the first in the series, I think it would have been a good idea to use this video to explain the scenario rather than just relying on the YouTube description. So I recommend you book your self on the next space shuttle and take your camera with you to get some footage of them falling to earth. OR you could just start off with some sound effects of a falling noise and then catch the final few feet of the landing part in various locations. I don't know if an explanation VO or just titles would be best to explain the context but with out explaining the context in the video, I don't see how it would work.

    May be I'm just to old for all this moden stuff innit.

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    Like the idea as it is different and original and thought the little guys looked quite cool!!!

    I agree I think you should use the first video to really give the story as people love a story !!!!compared to just random footage.

    Thought the door opening was funny by the way.

    Good luck with your project

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    The concept is almost there.... I agree with other comments...
    Good luck

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    Thanks guys,
    its a tricky one creating an introductory vid with this project since it does involve space :/ trying to work around it. Hopefully there'll be a large amount of videos so peoples introductions to the project will be at different stages, perhaps at some point a title sequence will be introduced, but that too is gonna be tricky as well.
    I've done video 2, but I won't spam them all here.. got 3 or four more ideas for them to bang out over the next week as well between work if I can.

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