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    Hi Guys, I put together a bunch of clips from our season and with permission from the band I used their music, check it out if interested. Note there are some dirty words in the song, it's rock

    2012 Snowmobile season wrap up video - YouTube

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    Nice one!
    I think this should be used as an example for all the people who have bought helmet cams and just post vids from a first person POV.
    Even though there's probably still a little bit too much of that for my taste, this is a perfect example of how it makes the video much more interesting if it is used as just one perspective our of many. I also liked the way you used several shots from you POV not looking at where you wre going, but looking at the other riders (occasionally for a very long time without crashing)
    This also demonstrates how much more exciting the fast action shots are when mixed with some slower and static ones.
    You also mixedd in a few good close-ups of (eg) parts of the smowmobile and different perspectives - although I'd have like dto have seen even more of those.
    Great choice of music - and good on the guys for letting you use it (and, of course, help give them exposure)

    This type of video is not really my cup of tea, possibly because we see so many really bad ones or professional ones which are no more than an advert, but I enjoyed watching this all the way through.

    I asssume the still at the end means something to someone!

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    Looks like great fun.

    Nice mix of shots and good choice of music.
    Just a couple of technical things. It would be nicer if you tried to colour balance the shots to try and get the snow to be the same in each shot. I think you missed an opportunity to cut tighter to the music, you could have made the video much more dynamic than it is.

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    Hi Guys, thanks for teh creaive input, I'll work harder!

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