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    Just a little video we made Shot with Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS5. It means a lot to my friends so please leave a like or comment. I'm the first kid who walks by.

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    All credit to you for having a go at making a little story with a message. I hope you find the following comments useful.
    1. Colour - the film is distinctly blue tinted. You need to "white balance" your camera before shooting. Auto should be fine for outside, but you might have an "outside" setting. this looks like it's been set for interior (tungsten) lights. Alternatively, your software might allow you to change it in post production.
    2. Avoid panning the camera back and forth (unless you are following a particular subject). In this story, it might look better to start with the shot of the beggar. Cut to a shot of the first person up the street and pan to follow as they pass the beggar. Cut again and do the same for all three passers by.
    3. In the case of this particular film, I'd lose the silly "fun" bit at the end. In some cases it's good to have that, but in this instance, It detracts from the message.


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    We should see the face of the kind giver and maybe the begger's response.

    Cetrtainly the blue-look is a wrong setting, RTFM. Easily fixed . . . . I tens to use AWB always as it doesn't often let you down, yet leaving it at a Preset, risks the shot when the light is different.

    It's my view that giving money should be a last resort . . . far better that those "in poverty" are given the ability to earn their income . . . something like that well-worn about the Fish/.Fishing rod.


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