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Thread: Stop Motion Tutorials Using Sony Vegas

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    Nice find Mr C.

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    Very pro results,
    - but using the Sony camera frame-by-frame must create enormous files! - and I notice these guys have a regiment of interlocking parts representing the body-movement of the character - that is some investment in time and effort.
    (Sure, that comes from being pro!).
    But I get the feeling this is merely replacing the ancient technique of animators' gel with a camera -

    +About 12 years ago Jasc Software produced "Animation Shop" (part of Paint Shop Pro), and this allowed you to make the first and last frame of a sequence - you specified the number of intermediate steps . . it was like Morphing, I guess. Never used it seriously, but I think that was showing how the computer could remove much of the tedium. and if the files could be transparent, several amimated "Layers" should be combined and Rendered to form the final Clip . . . .

    That would be a great move forward, so we could produce short amimations with plenty of smooth actions.....maybe with a little motion-blur . . . . how about it Sony?
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