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Thread: how to keep camera steady when filming in the water?

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    Default how to keep camera steady when filming in the water?

    hi i started doing surf photography and im really wondering how do pros keep the camera steady when shooting?

    does this does it?:

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    By steady and this, I assume you mean still photography. Depending on the photographer there are many different ways. I'm going to assume that they are using a general camera with good manual settings. They can either handhold and use an extremely fast shutter speed or for about 10 quid you can pop for a vehicle mount, which usually work on surf boards.

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    i meant video, not photo

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    No ways really. Best you could do is use a small camera and again, a vehicle mount for a few quid. It's only going to be as smooth as the surf board. Unless you want to surf with an steadicam.

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