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Thread: Program for cropping a video as one would crop an image

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    Default Program for cropping a video as one would crop an image

    Hi there, I'm trying to track down a freeware program that will allow me to crop an mpg or flv video as one would do so an image. e.g., lets say the attached image is a video and I wanted to crop the selected area. Cheers

    video example.jpg
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    It must be me, but the images look rather similar.

    If you want to crop a video, take care as the quality will fall, eventually ending up very blocky.

    In Vegas Studio (and other Editors) you can place a box over the picture and that deletes the image outside - it's like a Zoom-in. It can be rotated to adjust horizontals (eg seascapes) . . .or rotated several times to create off the wall effects. The effect really requires an understanding of Key-Framing, but that's not too difficult to master - once you've found your way round the Screen.

    However, you will need a powerful PC to preview these effects, as it increases the demand on the Processor.
    At 24 VS v11 is something of a Bargain, being a fully featured product . . . but don't think it's Easy - you need to start with some simple Edits and work up from there. The Production suite is about 10 more but you get a tutorial in the box.

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    It's been long time since I used it, but if I remember correctly VDubMod has a crop filter, if not there is definitely a free crop filter available for it.

    VirtualDubMod Hompage

    It will let you work with mpeg but not flv, or at least it never used to. As already mentioned by vidmanners, you need to be careful. Photo's can be any size or shape, but video tends to need a specific shape, TV shape, and resolution. If you crop you then need to scale back up and lose image quality. If your output is web you may have the luxury of making your video whatever shape and size you want, but still it needs to be the same size as the surrounding clips that make up the edit.

    If you search "VDubMod Crop" videos I'm sure you'll find plenty to see if it's good for you, but also look into encoding with VDub as you'll need to know how to export at a size (data) you can work with.


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