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    After years I am converting all my 8ml tapes to DVD...well that is the plan. I have put them all onto VHS and now want to put them onto dvd/laptop so I can edit them. I don't want to do anything that makes them uneditable. Can someone please point me in the direction as to the best way to get the footage from VHS to DVD? I am very much a novice when it comes to any of this.

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    You need a converter that transforms VHS to S-video from your video recorder to the computer for instance I use a Dazzle DV100. If I remember it was about 30 a few years back. They are available from most computer accessory stores. Simply follow the instructions to install the Software drivers etc from the DVD On to your computer and connect the device.

    You will see the video on the window within the programme. Then save the video to your hard drive. You can then edit using Windows movie maker to start with. Remember you will always have your original VHS Footage so don't panic if the transformation is messed up in any way to your computer. Same thing goes once the video file is on your hard drive. If you mess up with the editing process you can just delete it and start again from the original video file on your computer.

    Hope this helps! Just post back if you need more help from around this great Forum.


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