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Thread: HD intros and special effects girl

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    Default HD intros and special effects girl

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    This clip might be better to have been posted to the FX forum.
    I liked the coloured balls, but they move oddly. I may be hard to position an object when it is intended to appear to be a specific distance from another object; i.e. a hand. However, if the hand changes orientation; what effect should that have on the object.
    The actor's eyes appear to be looking in unexpected directions sometimes. Was that intended? Or was she expected to be following invisible spheres?
    I am sorry. I did not like the green sparks. I liked them coming out of the hand, but they looked cartoonlike.

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    Moved to FX Section as suggested by TimA

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    I like it from 0:26 to the end, the intros looks pretty simple, maybe you can make a better tracking.

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