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Thread: On the Burmese border, surrounded by armed guards was a Thai Boxing Event

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    Default On the Burmese border, surrounded by armed guards was a Thai Boxing Event

    Hey guys. I got a new camera recently a tm900. This is my first sort of themed video so thought I'd get some opinions! I've spent the last year really working on my video skills to try and hopefully get to a level where I can hopefully one day earn a living doing what I love!

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    Wow you've come a long way since you last posted a video here. I really thought this was good. Unusually for me, I liked the stylized look you gave it. I thought it was put together very well and gave a real flavour of the event. The only thing missing, which I think would have lifted up the video was the lack of live sound which could have been mixed in between the music, which I also thought was a good choice. I liked the tranquil music juxtaposed to the images.

    Well done.

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    Thanks for your most kind words! I was really trying to make it look like an old martial arts movie while sharing the atmosphere of the event, so felt that was the best way to do it! You're right again on the sound. I should have clipped some of it in. Quite a few things I actually wish I'd done retrospectively but was pretty pleased with it and couldn't wait to upload!

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    Captivating !!!!! and I know that is a strange word to describe the nature of the content??????
    You shot his so well in my opinion..... loved all the close ups and your use of your TM900 camera is brilliant.
    I know the TM900 is very good camcorder.

    By the way for me personally the music was absolutely perfect it really suited the look.

    Not just saying that by the way I really loved this short video ....... many congratulations!!!!

    Incredible athletes demonstrating speed, endurance, flexibility and tremendous skill .... absolutely outstanding .

    Well done

    P.S - I think you are well on your way to earning money from your hobby/passion!!!!!

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    Wow thankyou very much The kind words are most motivating to keep going with more!

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    No problem ......meant every word .......I thought it was a brilliant short video on kick boxing and I am looking forward to seeing your future projects shot with your TM900.

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