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    Default Motion blur.

    I have started thinking/experimenting with motion blur. In my animations, I have tended to have slow moving objects and the equivilent of an ultra fast shutter speed. Thus, no motion blur. But in the real world, real camera are able to record this blur.
    Would I be correct to assume that operators do all they can to avoid motion blur, knowing it can be artificially added afterwards. And that guaging the level of required blur at the time of shooting is almost impossible?

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    Unless I was trying for a special look I would always avoid motion blur in the camera when ever possible. I think you are correct in your assumption about judging motion blur in camera although the view screen does show mostly what is being recorded. As I said, I avoid it for any normal shoot I do.

    As you know I don't normally do animation but funnily enough I was doing some experimenting last night with an animated UFO and added a bit of motion blur to add to the realism of the speed. I wasn't going to upload it but as it's for educational use here it is.

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    Yes. It is that 'realism' which I am examining.
    A frame of animation is similar to having a real camera with an impossibly fast shutter speed. At 30fps, the maximum shutter speed can be up to one 30th of a second.
    A bit of a general question. I appreciate that aperture is also related; but given a midway setting; what ranges shutter speeds do modern cameras tend to use?
    Can I assume generally between, say, 1/125 second to 1/500?

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    Again, I would say your assumptions are correct along with lens quality, camera sensor and software, codec etc. So that would be just about every aspect of the camera can be a factor to motion blur.

    I would go down to 1/50 or double frame rate for that "Film look" but do often shoot between the range you mentioned. I have been known to shoot 1/1000 for specialised shots like in my videos the Fountain and the Birds where I knew I wanted sharp slow mo.

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