Only days left to register! April 1st
Watch the video- Dr. Strangelove No Film-Film Festival - YouTube

Spoof a classic American film before the world ends!

The next best digital film contest has arrived! The No Film Film Festival will give filmmakers one week to make a seven to fifteen minute spoof of a classic American film. Think! … It’s a wonderful life zombified! Teams will be competing for bragging rights and a Cannon t3i Rebel included with a 18mm -135mm zoom lens, and if you know what that means then you should register! The registration deadline is April 1st 2012 and everything can be done online. Go to for more details. Anybody around the world can register everything can be done online

“The No Film Film Festival” is all about putting all other festivals and contests to shame. You will have fun! That’s what its all about! If you don’t have any fun then you should really consider taking a dose of Prozac, because you just might be a lost cause. The festival will take place in the quintessential town of Bellows Falls Vermont at the esteemed Opera House. You might ask yourself, Vermont … where’s that? It’s the place where maple syrup comes from, and no it’s not a socialist country. Vermont is a picturesque New England state in North America, and yes we have green mountains only in the summertime. For your enjoyment the festival will include: after party dinners, presentations by academy award nominated writer David P. Lewis and best selling Vermont author Archor Mayor. To put a cherry on top of your ice cream, there will be a trade show at the Windham hotel. It’s going to be the best time of your life and it’s all happening before the end of the world. So get your creative juices going, recruit your friends, secure some filmmaking equipment, and register for the 2012 “No Film Film Festival”. If you can’t read then you can click on the video down below. Please share our video and seed the entire Internet. Please share our information with everyone.