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Thread: What do i need to capture VHS footage into Adobe Premiere?

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    Default What do i need to capture VHS footage into Adobe Premiere?

    Hi All,

    I am having a few problems with capturing some VHS footage into my computer.

    I have some old home videos on VHS-C tapes and i was given a Tevion USB adaptor to go between my video recorder and pc.

    First off, Adobe Premiere does not recognise the USB adaptor so i installed the bundled software (Arcsoft Showbiz DVD).

    After installing the software on both my main pc (Windows 7) and old laptop (Win XP) i could not get the EMP sound drivers to work. The only way that i could get sound into the software was to take a feed out of the audio outs on the video recorder and into my soundcard.

    Now, when i tried to capture the video, it started to work but then restarted my computer. After this, it would no longer capture, telling me that the file type isn't supported, and then on restarting the computer it went into capture mode ok, but captured nothing.

    I am now fed up with this device and software, as also my video recorder is starting to chew up my vhs-c tapes and my vhs-c adaptor has just stopped ejecting the little tapes (i think something is stuck).

    All in all, i'm giving up for today on this .

    What i wondered is if there is some type of capture device i could get that would work directly with Adobe Premiere CS5.5 (64 bit preferably) to save me this rigmerole.

    Any advice would be greatly received.


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    You could try re installing the software again or Go to Control panel uninstall programmes then select Acrosoft and click repair from the menu.
    Your VHS Recorder tape problem could be that it has not wound the tape back into the cassette on eject. Try pressing the Rewind button first allow a couple of seconds before ejecting the tape.
    As far as I know most capture devices and software are universal when it comes to file formats. Unless any one on this forum knows otherwise.

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    Is the Tevion a few years old? There are several differences between XP/VISTA/W7, and how they interface with video and audio devices. Often, drivers are unavailable, or appear to install correctly but can't work. I suspect your best results with that 'Tevion' device will be on your older, XP machine. Although convenient for you to record video and audio at the same time; there is no reason why you should not do it in 2 passes; then simply rejoin the audio and video in your video editing software.
    I had the loan of a similar device, and I had very similar problems. Worse still, when I looked at the captured video; the quality seemed very poor.

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    FWIW the "easy" way is to treat your self to a DVD/HDD recorder (useful if you're out when a programme is ON). These will take a SCART-signal from yr VHS player and make a HDD copy - then you can edit any really bad bits (eg when you recorded before pressing Play) and then burn a DVD. When "finalised" these should play on yr PC using a video-editor; but be aware it does take up a lot of HDD space on the PC it seems.
    Sure an expensive way to do a conversion, but the quality is as good as the original, if not better and my source was home-filmed SVHS-C, using one of those expensive Panasonic VHS editors (with the shuttle wheel) and only when s/h could I really justify the price. The DVD/HDD recorder is in daily use - it's the modern version of a VHS recorder, but without the risk you record-over by mistake. On LP 4hrs fits one DVD, about 20p. SP = 2hrs approx. it has HD tuner so it "updates" an aging CRT-TV .

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